Meet IAS officer Rukmani Riar, who failed class 6 but secured AIR 2 in UPSC exam in first attempt

 Students prepare for several years to appear for the Union Public Service Commission’s Civil Services Exam. Many aspirants take coaching to prepare for the exams, others rely on self-study. Today we are going to talk about how Rukmani Riar, a resident of Gurdaspur in Punjab, prepared for the UPSC exam without coaching and fulfilled the dream of becoming an IAS officer by securing the second position in all India in the first attempt.

1. Failed grade 6

Failed grade 61/5

Rukmani Riar was not a very good student initially and failed the sixth grade. After failing, he did not dare to go in front of the family members and teachers and was ashamed to think about what the rest of the people would think about it. This kept her tensed. After several months, she pulled herself out of it and made fear her inspiration.

2. Rukmini’s early life and education

Rukmini’s early life and education2/5

Rukmani Riar’s early education was from Gurdaspur. After this, she went to Sacred Heart School in Dalhousie in the fourth class. After class 12, Rukmani graduated in Social Science from Guru Nanak Dev University in Amritsar. After this, she earned a Master’s degree in social sciences from the Tata Institute in Mumbai and became a gold medalist.

3. Internship


After her post-graduation, Rukmani Riar did internships with NGOs like Ashodaya in Mysore and Annapurna Mahila Mandal in Mumbai besides the Planning Commission. During this time, Rukmani’s was attracted to civil service and wanted to take the UPSC exams.

4. Achieved second place in the first attempt

Achieved second place in the first attempt4/5

After the internship, Rukmani Riar started preparing for the Civil Service Exam and achieved success in the first attempt of hard work. She did not join any coaching to prepare for the UPSC exam and relied on self-study. Rukmani secured AIR2 in UPSC in 2011 and fulfilled her dream of becoming an IAS officer.

5. How Rukmini prepared for UPSC exam

How Rukmini prepared for UPSC exam5/5

To prepare for the UPSC exam, Rukmani Riar prepared from NCERT books from 6th to 12th standard and she used to read newspapers and magazines daily to prepare for the interview. Rukmini took part in several mock tests to minimize mistakes during the exam. Rukmani also solved the question papers of the last several years.

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