TN EMIS Login – Teacher Portal Tamil Nadu Password Reset

In this high technology, era education is now children are becoming better and better day by day. Recently the central government also launched a new education policy under which children are going to get the best education. Nowadays we can see that schools are updating their education material using advanced technology.

The Tamil Nadu State Government education department has given the responsibility to all the teachers for giving the best education to the students. It is also necessary for all the teachers to check the syllabus and study material before giving the class to children. Also from time to time children are required to check their study material. This step is necessary for both teachers and students.

However, this can be difficult for both schools and teachers. That’s why the State Government education department of Tamilnadu started a new online education portal. The government has created an online multiple login portal through which the teachers can get help. This portal is working under the Tamil Nadu school education management information system which is also known as TN EMIS in short language.

Today through this article we are going to give you information about this TN EMIS portal. If you are a teacher then this article is very useful and helpful for you. We are going to give information about how you can log in on the TN-EMIS portal, and how you can get the study material online through this website.

TN EMIS Introduction

In the above section, you already give the information about the full name of TN EMIS which is the short form of the Tamil Nadu educational management information system. This is a useful platform for teachers under which they can provide all types of study material for students. Apart from teachers, this portal can be used for obtaining study material online which is very helpful for students.

Through this portal, the school administration also provides all the information about the syllabus, school timings, new notification, and amendment details online. The online portal of TN teachers’ platform under the department of school education provides helpful e-learning content. It also helps two students to improve their learning skills by using advanced technology. 

Through this online website, teachers can get training modules and can teach their students using the e-learning teaching method. Apart from this, the students can get interactive videos, online courses information, various types of practice resources, simulations, and mock test types of study-related stuff.

Following advantages are covered under the TN EMIS portal:

  • This portal is very helpful for teachers educating students across the state to provide studies related to digital content which is very accessible in a simple way.
  • Teachers are given a unique login ID and password through which they can upload study material for children related to their syllabus.
  • An online tracking system for students and children is also available through this portal.

How to Do TN EMIS TNTP Portal Login

As we all know no one can enter inside the website’s profile without using the login ID and password. But for obtaining the username and password one must have to complete the registration procedure. In this section, we are giving a complete procedure for registration on the TN EMIS website.

After completing the registration procedure you will be provided a username or login ID with a password. You will receive an 8 digit login ID for entering the website. This ID and pass will be provided by the EMIS department. People who are working with the Tamil Nadu education department as staff members or teachers can easily check the dashboard inside the website after using their username and password for login.

After finishing the registration process and obtaining the username and password you can follow the below provided steps for login on the TN EMIS website.

  • Firstly, you have to visit the official website link of TNTP. The official website link is or
  • After clicking on the above-mentioned link the TN EMIS / TNTP official website page will appear on your computer screen.
  • Now, you need to enter the 8 digit user Id and after that password which you created at the time of registration.
  • After providing the above details you will see the dashboard of the portal where four options are provided as follows:
    • Academic Resources
    • E-Textbook
    • Questions Bank
    • Courses Contribute
  • Then, click on that particular option for which you want to get the information online via the TNTP TN School portal.

Through the above-mentioned procedure, you can log in on the TN EMIS website. Now you can check the dashboard and use the options provided in the above section list.

Procedure for Searching Information on TNTP Portal

After completing the registration procedure you can reach inside the website and check all the information provided on the dashboard. Through this dashboard on the portal, you can search the different-different topics according to your need. Follow the below provided steps for searching the information on the TN EMIS portal online.

  • Firstly, you will have to visit the “official portal of TN EMIS”.
  • After that, you will have to log in to this portal using the “username/user Id and password”.
  • Now you have to click on the “Search” option given on the dashboard.
  • After that, you can search for the particular details for which you are looking.
  • Then the search option will redirect you to that particular information page.

How to Reset TN EMIS Login Password

If you are trying to log in to the TN EMIS portal but by mistake, you forgot the password then don’t worry. Here we are providing you the complete details for resetting the TN EMIS Login Password. Follow the below-mentioned steps for it.

  • Firstly, go to the official website link of TNTP.
  • Now search for the “Login” section.
  • In this section, you can see the option of “Forget Password”.
  • Then search your profile user id by username or email address.
  • In the next section, you will have to “enter your registered email id”.
  • You will receive a “verification link” through which you will be able to “reset the password”.
  • In last, after resetting the password you can again visit the home page and reach on the dashboard after login.

So, through using the above-given steps you can change the password of your profile for checking the dashboard, notification, and other stuff on the official website. 

How to Register On TNTP Portal Online

In Tamil Nadu state every school must have to register on the official website of TN Schools ( The state education department has given permission for this registration procedure to very few responsible officials. They will create your username and password after login on the TN EMIS website. Here is the list of authorized officials whom you need to contact to get access to the TNTP website.

  • School Principal or Head Master – The principal of the school is responsible for maintaining school property, monitoring the performance of teachers & students including their attendance.
  • Chief Education Officer (CEO) – The CEO is responsible for monitoring all the schools in the district after inspection.
  • Block Education Officer (BEO) – The BEO has the responsibility for monitoring all the schools in the block after inspection.
  • District Education Officer (DEO) – The DEO has the same responsibility as the CEO and BEO but he/she has to follow up the inspection procedure for all the schools under the district.

The username and password for accessing the TN MIS official website will be provided by the school principal. If you are a teacher and you want to obtain the user id/pass then you must have to talk about it with your school headmaster.

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