Kaziranga records 96 species of wetland birds

According to the second wetland bird count, conducted by officials of the Kaziranga National Park, the park has 96 species of wetland birds.


About Kaziranga National Park

  • Location: Spread across parts of Golaghat and Nagaon districts of Assam.
  • Major Rivers: Brahmaputra, Diphlu, Mora Diphlu and Mora Dhansiri.
  • Perennial wetlands: Sohola (largest), Borbeel, Kawoimari, Jamuguri
  • Climate: Tropical Monsoon
  • In the year 1985, the park was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO
  •  It is recognized as an Important Bird Area by BirdLife International for the conservation of avifaunal species.
  • It houses the world’s largest population of Great One-horned Rhinoceros (IUCN Status- Vulnerable)
  •  Kaziranga was declared a Tiger Reserve in 2006

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