Top reasons why most aspirants can’t crack IAS exam

The UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE), also known as the IAS exam, is one of the toughest exams and cracking it is not easy without the right preparation.

Every year, lakhs of candidates appear for CSE but only a few get selected. Most candidates do not get qualified because of flaws in preparation and various other reasons.

Here are some of the top reasons.


Poor planning and strategy, lack of time management

One of the major reasons why most candidates don’t clear the UPSC CSE is the lack of proper planning. Aspirants must have a solid study plan to cover the entire syllabus and adhere to it without fail.

Without a proper working strategy and systematic approach, candidates might not be able to crack the exam. Poor time management is another reason behind failure in CSE.


Candidates might not get qualified due to lack of clarity

Some UPSC aspirants don’t get qualified in CSE as they lack clarity about what to study.

While candidates need to refer to various books and study a number of topics and subjects, they must avoid books and topics that are irrelevant from the exam point of view.

Another common UPSC aspirants make is ignoring basics and NCERT books, which are important for CS preparation.

#3: Not being familiar with latest exam pattern, questioning trends

Another reason why candidates cannot clear the UPSC CSE is not being familiar with the latest exam syllabus, pattern, questioning trends, etc. They should also know an effective way of solving the exam papers; they can get in touch with successful candidates for the same.

Not taking mock tests and not analyzing performance


Not taking mock tests and not analyzing performance

Not solving previous year question papers and sample papers could be another reason for failure in UPSC CSE.

Aspirants should solve question papers in a timed manner to familiarize the exam pattern, difficulty level, questioning trends, important topics, etc. and manage time better.

They should take mock tests and analyze their performance on a regular basis, identify weak areas, and work on getting better.

#5: Lack of proper revision and written practice

Some aspirants focus only on studying but not revising the topics. Revising the entire syllabus thoroughly is important to recall information. Aspirants should also practice questions as per the exam pattern; practicing only descriptive or only objective questions is a huge mistake.

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