100 days strategy for UPSC Prelims 2019

Hello Aspirants, the critical 100 days to Prelims 2019 begins soon and we have plan to share 100 days effective strategy which will help you to revise the vast syllabus, expose to sufficient mock tests and gain confidence to face the Prelims 2019 .

  • We will be sharing a 10-10 days plan guiding you to cover required subjects and test in stipulated time frame.
  • The subject priority will be based on UPSC’s pattern and weightage (Blog href) from the particular subject.
  • The plan slightly differs for the experienced and fresher’s.

  • It is very important you keep tab of all the news (India and International) as they are most likely to appear your current affairs or mapped to static portion.
  • We assume that you would have given at least one thorough reading of polity and Geography and now its high time to revisit those (even If you haven’t completed the syllabus of the above subject we still highly recommend you to go on with revision).
  • By this time every serious aspirant would have given at least couple of test with respect to these subjects and know his or her weak and strong areas.
  • The main aim of revision is to strengthen our weak areas and gain confidence. 
  • Current affairs from now on should be a daily study affair. We suggest you to complete at least two months current affairs in these 10 days target. Start from August and September 2018 (though our test series include current affairs from June 2018) as most questions pop up from these months onwards.
  • Art & Culture and Map could not be handled separately and thus has to be a daily part of your study plan seeing the factual nature of the subject. As discussed in previous the blogs this can be covered with small group discussion on daily basis. This will also give you the break from monotonous preparation.
  • The most important part of the plan and to check whether the preparations are on right track give a full length of both subjects on 10th day or you can also do it as per your convenience anytime in between when you confidently completed the subject.
  • This test should be apart from the standard test series you have joined.
  • Check your performance, areas of confusion, your accuracy, time taken to complete the test etc. Keep the note of the topics/areas you have missed or could not recollect. This shall be your focus area in next round of revision.

Plan for Experience Candidates

  • Aspirants having previous experience of prelims cum mains would have better clarity and strong fundamentals. Thus we recommend them to complete their optional until mid-march.
  • Simultaneously they start with one GS subject of their choice and start the revision.
  • We recommend them to take 2 weekly tests to slowly get into prelims mode.
  • Continuous focus on maps and art & culture is must for all as both experienced and freshers find it very hard nut to crack.

Note- You can match one of the GS subjects and current affairs with your ongoing test series. The main idea is to give you an effective schedule. For aspirant attending classes you can replace it with one of the GS subject and revise the class notes of that particular class on daily basis.
We hope you sincerely follow the study plan. Please do come with feedback and we would be more than happy to help you. Stay tune for next 10 days plan and gives you sincere effort to complete this one. Good Luck!

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