Coping with examination stress: 10 foolproof steps

The psychologists across the countries do believe that a certain degree of stress is inevitably essential because that much of stress functions as a catalyst which, in return, keeps on motivating the students for doing better and better in the examination. 

Moreover, stress to some extent makes us stay focused on the goals which we want to realize in our lives. But when the examination stresses go beyond that so-called permissible limit, it becomes fatal and that is why we need to take the following urgent steps to bust up them –

First know yourself and set your goal accordingly

Every person on this earth is born with some special inherent talent and that is why he or she is most unique among the rest. So it is very essential for the students to recognize that unique talent in them. For this you need to ask yourself – what best can you do which others cannot? What is your forte and special quality which others do not possess? Based upon only these findings and facts students should set a specific aim of their lives. This way they can considerably tame the inevitable examination stresses.

Do not fail to plan for  your study 

Planning is the stepping stone of success in any endeavour which a man tries to master. That is why there goes an adage that if we fail to plan we plan to fail. An immaculate study plan is unavoidably essential both for the good examination preparation and results thereof. However, planning only for the sake of planning would not help a lot to the students. The success of a plan depends upon how strictly you stick to and determinedly follow it.

In case of stress, speak openly to your parents

In the condition of stress, it is better to speak openly about the problems with someone whom the students trust most and whom they consider as their confidant. Sharing the problems with the family members, friends and teachers reduces the tension and we feel pretty relaxed and relieved. Speaking to the parents, in this critical condition of dilemma and anxieties, may prove to be of much-needed relief.

Consistency in study is inevitable 

Consistency in the efforts and practice to realize the target is of prime importance. Problem arises when the students start studying intensively only when their examination approaches very close. This situation makes them tense and lands them in trouble. To be consistent, a student must have a well-planned study schedule for various subjects. Students need to chalk out a comprehensive and rational time plan for all subjects but at the same time they must emphasize more upon those subjects which they find hard and less interesting.

Only practice would make you perfect

The old adage goes that practice makes a man perfect. There is no denying that by persistently working on a certain topics and subject students can master them very well. Sometimes, methods and strategies of practice may differ subject to subject and student to student but one common practice, irrespective of all the subjects, is to make fair notes of the topics, to understand them well, to retain them rather than remember them, and to write them again and again to ensure that you have mastered them well.

Solving the questions given in the exercises of the chapters may also considerably help a student in the preparation of examination. When a student undertakes more of the practice works they prevent themselves from falling vulnerable to frustration and various other sorts of worries and stresses.

Meditate regularly and get much-needed peace of mind

Meditation brings about peace to the mind, enlightens the soul and comforts the body. Inner energy gets strengthened. The mind is filled with unbelievable bout of energy and enthusiasm. Also anxiety level falls down much.

Most importantly, the immense power of intuition develops which also substantially helps reduce the stress-related pressure and problems. This personal transformation in the form of sharper mind, enlightened soul and enhanced focus and strengthened concentration helps the students to fast grasp the subject matters.
Do not forget the importantce of a full and balanced diet 

Maintenance of good health is very essential for good performance in the examination. Good health means mental and physical fitness and which is really the matter of regular exercise and good nourishing diets. One must avoid fast food or junk food as they are likely to badly affect the digestion system and immunity power of the body. Sound and sufficient sleep is also the essential condition for keeping the good health. However, sleeping is merely a matter of habit but what is really important is to have at least six hours of sleep. In the absence of good sleep the concentration power gets gradually diminished and mind gets easily bored and tired.

You must know which is most important to do now

When the examination time is very much constrained and hard work load is reasonably very much big then it becomes virtually difficult to command every chapter of a particular subject thoroughly. In this critical condition what is of vey big relief is to divide the entire syllabi in the form of the chapters with very high weight and low weight of marks. The chapters may also be divided along the line of simplicity, easy comprehensibility and also on the basis of having more or lesser numerical questions. 

Stop comparing yourslef with your friends 

Apart from the biological differences in the Homo sapiens we must learn to deal with this universal fact that all the people on this earth have their own inherent capacity and lacunae. No two people on the earth can have the same nature and inclination and so they may never compete to have same level of mental IQ and sharpness. Disparities do not end here only. 
No two people have the same performance and results. Then is it not a matter of utter discouragement to look forward to having same results and recognition as your friends and your classmates have been achieving? This is critically a great predicament which only put you in a big jeopardy which you may not have ever thought of. 

See your friends and discuss your problems 

Though passing time with friends is never considered fruitful and beneficial by the parents, that too, at the time when the examination is very close. But psychologically this attitude has its risks. Talking with friends and sharing problems with them has its advantages which substantially help reduce and release tension and worries. True friends enrich, encourage, enlighten and console during crisis. You must have at least half an hour daily to see your friends whom you think as your fire extinguisher. Your meeting with them would definitely relieve you from a lot of unwanted worries at the most crucial time of examinations. 

Who can deny that examination is a very critical phase in the life of students? But what they should not forget that examination and passing it with good marks and grade is not only what life is made of. A student must do his or her best and leave the rest to the God. As a human being we have our own constraints which we cannot overcome as per our choice and preference. Brave the challenges what life throws and keep on struggling hard for a stress-free and blissful life. 

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